If you want some custom lettering for your shop window, wall or even for your bedroom then it helps to know a little about the process before you go ahead with hiring a professional. Custom vinyl lettering is very popular with businesses, not to mention that it is a great way to advertise yourself to the general public. So how are vinyl lettering graphics created and what do you need to know before you purchase some for your home or business?

Most of the time vinyl graphics are created using CNC machinery. This is so the design that has been created can be replicated exactly with the printed copy. The designer will create the lettering in the font and colour required before using the CNC machine to cut it out exactly. This ensures that the sizing is right and it also removes chance of human error so you will always have a graphic that is suitable for your exact requirements.

Because a lot of graphics are cut using CNC machinery, you will find that you can get multiple designs in the exact same size. This is ideal if you want them throughout your offices but it is also ideal if you want a standard template as well.

Vinyl lettering sometimes comes with a peeled backing but it isn’t uncommon to find ones that are applied using heat. The vinyl will be placed on the wall and smoothed out to ensure that no air bubbles or creases are present. If you do find that you have creases or air bubbles then you need to make sure that these are removed immediately because if you don’t, it could be more difficult to remove them at a later date.

If you want to find out more about vinyl lettering or graphics, contact your vinyl provider today to find out more.