Custom Light Boxes – Designed, Fabricated, Installed – Led, Fluorescent

Our custom light boxes are designed with quality in mind and we can handle every stage of the design and manufacturing process for you. We will start by drafting a design which reflects your immediate needs, before crafting a solid and quality fixture in which to house the image. We have access to some of the finest LED and fluorescent lights in the industry so you know you can expect a high quality result that shines through perfectly and without any shadow or dimly lit areas. Why not take a look below to get some ideas for your own LED light box:

  • Product Advertisement Light Boxes
  • Services Advertisement Light Boxes
  • Decorative Light Boxes
  • LED Light Boxes
  • Fluorescent Light Boxes
  • And so much more.

Our LED/Fluorescent Light Boxes

There are many benefits to getting your own light box and they remain to be a solid asset to your marketing strategy. If you can’t think of an idea for your own light box, why not let our creative team get to work for you. We can design almost any image for you and we always make sure that our designs are of the highest quality and most of all interesting to both you and the customer. We have expert electricians working right here with us as well so you can trust in us to both design and install your light box for you in a suitable location where it can get high visibility from everyone in the room. If you would like to hire our custom light box service, please contact us today and we will work with you to understand your requirements. We always give a free custom quote before we start any job so you know you can get what you need for a very affordable price.