If you’ve seen those large freestanding signs in front of car dealerships and banks, then you’ve recognized whats known as a Custom Pylon Sign. These signs are very effective at catching attention in very busy areas. These types of signage do require additional surveying and permits to create. But this additional expense is typically worth the pay off which is visibility.

What are Custom Pylon Signs

Custom Pylon Signs are typically made freestanding using steel columns, otherwise known as pylons. These pylons are very strong and are capable of supporting the weight of a large sign sometimes 10-15 feet high. Sometimes even higher. These pylons are anchored to the ground wedge anchors fastened to cement pads. These pylons typically have access at both top and bottom to accept electrical wiring for lighting up the sign. The signs themselves can be made from a variety of materials including vinyl, neon and translucent materials to let the fluorescent lighting within the sign shine through.

Custom Pylon Signs can be costly, but they also can definitely help your business increase as well. While most businesses are complacent with the same signage as 10 other businesses in their shopping center, some are looking for better exposure. And how can you stand out from those businesses? By having your own custom pylon sign. High above your neighbors and potentially your competition. ¬†While tis helps those already headed to you to better find you, these custom pylon signs also help to attract new business. People who may have wanted to utilize your business may have driven passed it 10 times not knowing it was there. With a large custom pylon sign out front, you’ll be hard to miss.

Vamp Graphics looks forward to discussing your Custom Pylon Signs project with you. If you have any questions as to the type of sign you need or what is possible to create, contact us today!