Custom Monument Signs are utilized very often today. You may not realize it, but you’ve probably become used to using monument signs as landmarks for giving directions, or for being sure of certain businesses in your area. A monument sign is typically placed outside of an entrance to an¬†establishment. The sign is typically large and can be made of many different materials.

What type of location can utilize a Custom Monument Signs

Typically monument signs are near the entrance to large buildings and bear the name and address of the building. You’ll find these signs in front of large apartment complexes. They are also in front of hotels, restaurants, health facilities, shopping malls and more. Any location bearing a monument sign also ¬†increases its local awareness, as the larger sign can become a landmark for many people in the area.

What are Custom Monument Signs typically made out of

Monument Signs are a more complex style of sign and therefore require more materials to create and install. Materials used for monument signs can include steel, stone, aluminum, masonry, plastics, acrylic as well as electrical components and even water! Creating the perfect monument sign for your complex or business can be difficult if you’re not sure of your options or the procedures involved. Let Vamp Graphics help you to better understand the whole process. We prefer to inform you of your options and then discuss which options we feel would best suit you. This way, you understand the work involved and can make an informed decision as to the route you choose.

Why choose Vamp Graphics

We appreciate you considering us for your Custom Monument Sign work. Vamp Graphics is owner operated and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We’re sure that your project with us will go smoothly and will guarantee the success of your Custom Monument Sign project.