There are safety and health laws that require every construction site sign to warn people and passersby about the activities taking place at the construction site. Before you begin any construction, you must ensure there are enough construction site signs depending on the complexity and the size of the construction. There are different types of construction site designs including warning signs and no trespassing signs.

Who can benefit from construction site signs?

Contractors, passersby, and owners of the construction site will all benefit from our high quality custom construction site signs. Below are some of the benefits of having a well thought out and executed construction site signs.

  • They serve as warnings

Accidents at a construction site may occur no matter how much you try to control them. It is important to remind workers and possible trespassers about the hazardous environment. Therefore posting a number of safety signs at the site is one of the ways to remind them. A construction site sign that has been placed properly alerts individual of the hazards that might occur at the site and save them from suffering unnecessary injuries. Construction site signs from Vamp Graphics are created in larger sizes to make them highly visible.

  • They give individuals idea of what type of establishment is under construction

Most construction site signs start with ‘the proposed…’ This is a good way of branding your establishment even if it is still under construction. Visitors will have a clue as to what kind of establishment you are constructing. Perfectly designed construction site signs must be able to explain to your visitors the need for caution in the area. They also can explain what the establishment is all about and the type of activities expected after completion of the site.

What the Construction Site Sign is made of

You’ll find the most unique construction site signs are developed by Vamp Graphics. We have a CNC router which we use to cut wood, PVC and MDF in order to implement a perfect design. We use electrical as well as hand tools to create top quality custom construction site signs.

Why Choose Vamp Graphics

Vamp Graphics has a team of highly trained professionals who are ready to guide and help you with your construction site signs design. Our prices are very affordable and reasonable and our services are fast, efficient and reliable.

How our Construction site signs are installed

Vamp Graphics helps you to create signs that are easy to use and install. You can install them on wood walls, stone, metal or even brick walls. Contact us today to get your custom construction site sign designed and installed by professionals.