The Process of Designing and Making Custom 3D Signs

Nowadays, it’s all about advertisements and promotions. Advertisement involves the use of various signs designed beautifully that suit a purpose. Custom signs used to simple 2D, as in two-dimensional. Now, more elaborate and professional signs are typically 3D, or three-dimensional. They have length, width and depth.

3D signs are now very common and widely used for advertisement and promotions. To achieve professional looking 3D, you need to create custom made signs. These custom signs are designed as per the clients requirements and can be made in any form. Custom 3D signs can be designed using computer software that Vamp Graphics has readily available.

The 3D signs can be both large and small custom signs. The process starts with the first step being designing the custom sign with software available. Our client will give us their information and vision, and we transfer that to the software. The custom sign is then machine fed and the final output comes on the materials specified. The substrate (material) again can be a choice between PVC and/or wood. The custom 3D signs can also be hand crafted on to the substrate; this requires highest skill levels and experience.

CNC stands for computer numerically controlled, and is a machine that requires programming to carve the 3D sign on to the substrate. Using numbers, the machine carves at specific coordinates to create the desisgn into the material. CNC machined custom design is a cost effective solution that we provide to our clients. CNC machines are fast and reliable, and do not need extra manual effort to carve the designs on to the substrate. However, we also do provide hand carved signs when the job calls for it, though this is more expensive. After the design is ready on the substrate, the custom sign is painted using hand brush or airbrush. Air brushing technique ensures uniformity in the painted sign.

Vamp graphics is a full service provider for custom signs and 3D signs, which include designing, moulding, painting and mounting. So, what are you waiting for? Come ask for it and we are ready to deliver, we are an all service provider in Long Island, NY.