Vamp Graphics proudly manufactures high quality custom foam signage for indoor or outdoor use.

Who can benefit from custom foam signage?

All businesses can benefit from our high quality custom foam signage. This includes small business owners and startups, corporate organizations and schools as well as any other establishment looking to stand out in todays marketing and advertising laden world! Below are some benefits to utilizing our first class foam signage.

  • It positively reflects your establishment

Building a customer base is one of the most challenging parts in business. You can make adverts on social media, tell a friend to tell a friend or use sales representatives. But physical signage is sometimes overlooked. A custom foam sign is a quick way to reach thousands of potential customers. An appealing foam sign positively reflects your establishment and gives both your customers and visitors a positive impression about the establishment. If your businesses is in a busy strip mall or on a high traffic street, you need something to make it stand out. This is how you can attract more customers and build a strong customer base.

  • It markets your establishment

By using custom foam signage from Vamps Graphics, your customers will feel an additional sense of professionalism from your business. The quality of our foam signage will make your business more memorable. Once customers see our high quality signage bearing your logo or a related image on it, they will definitely feel that your services are top quality just like your signage. Nowadays, people are too busy and they do not have time to read long boring sentences about your business. Our custom foam signage is brief and detailed.

What our custom foam signage is made of

At Vamp Graphics, we use a wide range of quality materials to design the best custom foam signage. Our best quality foam signage is made from plastics, wood and foam. We can work with a wide range of colors, paints and materials to create a perfect design that gives a true and clear reflection of your establishment. We utilize electrical and hand tools to manufacture our custom foam signs. And these pieces are sure to that draw the attention of your customers and visitors.

How our custom foam signage is installed

Custom foam signage from Vamp Graphics can be installed easily on a stone wall, brick wall or between 2 columns. We will help you find a suitable design as well as installation location for your foam signage. 

Why Choose Vamps Graphics

Vamp Graphics is equipped with a team of professionals that create the best satisfactory and catch custom foam signage. Our prices are affordable. We have a friendly customer support team and our services are very affordable and efficient.